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  • Some Things Never Change - DSC04125
  • Once Upon A Time - DSC00218
  • An Immigrants Dream - DSC00263
  • Silence of the Guns - DSC04692
  • Tomorrow Never Came - DSC07783
  • DSC07395 - Written On The Wind
  • The Keeper's Lament - DSC05989
  • Sentinel In The Wind - DSC01426
  • Where Have All The Children Gone? - DSC06007
  • The Ghost Of Theresa - DSC09429
  • Double Jeopardy - DSC03331
  • Deserted - L2680485
  • If The Walls Could Talk - DSC09351
  • Written On Stone - DSC09488
  • Voices On The Prairie - DSC00252
  • Return To Sender - DSC09580
  • Last Chance - DSC04135
  • When Boxcars Ruled The Landscape - DSC00177
  • Catalog Home - DSC09312
  • Still Standing - DSC09027
  • The Ghosts of Fondis - DSC00188
  • Barnyard Blues - DSC03340
  • When Families Were A Unit - DSC00212
  • A Ranchers Dream - L1070191
  • Life Wasn't Easy - DSC07774

Special Project: Abandoned -- Open gallery for artist statement at bottom.

Abandoned – The Series

My purpose in making images of abandonment in the American west rests in my hopes of preserving and sharing the history, the culture, and the dreams that shaped the west. Connecting with abandonment can be as daunting as it is interesting. Stories don't come easy and they resonate with me on many levels of emotion. I make my images by trying to convey what abandonment may have felt like to those whose dreams were shattered. It is also a documentary on the idea that abandonment affects all levels of society whether it be personal or commercial. I hope my viewers will experience and connect with that feeling much like I did.