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  • The Cagey One - DSC01137
  • Horseplay - DSC01234
  • The Warrior - DSC01627
  • The Magnificent Seven - DSC08804
  • The Survivor - DSC07310
  • The Director -  DSC09187
  • The Mud Bather - DSC08486
  • The Redhead - DSC04074
  • The Whimsical One - DSC01014
  • The Contemplator - DSC06295
  • The Guardian - DSC06349
  • The Comedian - DSC06366
  • The Birdwatcher - DSC08072
  • The Challenger - L3110898
  • The Visionary - DSC05459
  • The Beauty - L3120050
  •  The Innocent One - L3120127
  • The Freedom Runner - L4350767
  • The Hippy - L4370818
  • The Ill-tempered One - DSC04021
  • The Endearing One - L4530434
  • The Acrobat - DSC07563

Special Project: In Defense of Endangered Species - Open gallery for artist statement at bottom.

Wild horses are such an indelible part of the American West, living symbols of romance, adventure, and freedom. I feel very fortunate to have spent what seems like only moments with these magnificent animals. It takes infinite patience and sensitivity to capture these elusive horses. In order to appreciate these animals at all, we must appreciate them simply because of their aesthetic value as wild creatures. Watching stallions engaged in brutal battles for herd dominance, mares protecting newborn foals, bands of horses running free across the high mountains  and alpine meadows, herds in search of water and enduring harsh winters to sustain life all enriches me beyond description. And, that is the value of a wild horse.

May your wild spirit never be tamed!