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  • DSC02020 - Dear Son...
  • L4530382 - Missing Daddy
  • DSC02207 - Remembering Alice
  • DSC02037 - Sea of Stones
  • The Shoe
  • L4530365 - Flowers For Grandma
  • DSC02244 - Song of Sorrow
  • DSC02013 - Sky Tears
  • Soldiers Are Not Just A Number
  • Now and Forever
  • God Bless America
  • Serenade
  • Military Tradition
  • May They Rest in Light
  • DSC02216 - To A Better Place
  • DSC00763 - Salute

Special Project: Paying It Forward -- Open gallery for artist statement at bottom.

War has always been with us as a species. Within the last several years I have had the honor of helping to support my veteran brother in working on his local chapter of Wounded Warriors. The support offered by this organization is unparalleled. It has also prompted me to work on a visual project that would soulfully tell stories of those who have gone before us. This will be an open ended project for me because each person's situation is different but the underlying story is much the same. It is one that can only be told by them. It is important that we give these families a voice individually as well as collectively. Though my work is a localized project, it has enduring benefits on a worldwide scale. I would like to see this engagement grow even more.