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Testimonial:  Henry Rowan, Gallery Manager, Pennsylvania Center for Photography

"We always get a strong showing from Colorado's photographic community for our digital shows. One Coloradoan who constantly submits exquisite images, is Maureen Ravnik. It is always fun to see what she submits because her unique imagery has such a wide range that we never know what we are going to get! From seemingly straight out of the camera to highly manipulated images, Maureen's photographs never fail to delight!"

Testimonial: Kate Walls, Gallery Manager, Cape Cod Art Center, https://capecodartcenter.org/

" Congratulations again for getting into the "In The Moment" online exhibition. I look forward to seeing more of your work. It is very touching and has long lasting emotional connections."

Testimonial: Carolyn A. - Photographer, Canada

"Maureen, your wildlife image making is exceptional and outstanding and very hard to beat. Your images are never "like a million others out there”. Your passion you pour into capturing those images is unmatched. Getting up in the middle of the night, driving miles and then scaling mountains. Please never let me read you comparing yourself to the masses. You have such a precious gift and an eye for stunning light."

Testimonial: Kevin K. - Stratford, Ontario Canada

"I saw your photo in the 'special merit' section of LST. Astonishing! It should have been number 1. The images in your gallery have the contrast and composition that I just drool over."

Testimonial: Phil L. - Littleton, Colorado

"A privilege to follow you."

Testimonial: Sandy K. - Littleton, Colorado

"Your work is truly amazing!!"

Testimonial: Darcy LP

“I saw your work on Light, Space & Time. Congratulations on your achievement. I just wanted to say that your work is amazing. Beautiful. I am a watercolorist and have won a few of their awards, I am amazed by your photos , heart stimulating.” - Darcy LP, Watercolorist

Thanks for visiting my portfolio!


Maureen Ravnik was born and raised in Minnesota.  A brief visit to Colorado sold her on attending college there to pursue a career in sales & marketing.  She stayed and never looked back.  Working and traveling a lot in that discipline opened her eyes to the wonders of the American west and reawakened childhood tendencies to creatively document her discoveries.  She began making images of the American west in hopes of preserving the history, the culture, and the dreams that shaped the west.  

Today, Maureen’s time is spent outdoors taking in and capturing the scenery, wildlife, and exploring other methods for interpreting and sharing what she sees and experiences along the way. She is deeply inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe, https://artwolfe.com.

Maureen has accomplished many things with her photography including images placed in the Audubon International Top 250, local, national and international juried photography exhibitions, winning placements in monthly club competitions, state park calendars, images selected for use by the City of Littleton, and many images selected as editor picks on National Geographic and for publication. Her work has been the subject of several newspapers. She has co-authored 2 books that document the history, beauty and environment of  https://www.facebook.com/South..., the second largest natural area in the country. She was listed by https://lightspacetime.art as one of the top ten photographers to watch for in 2018. She was also selected for a month-long solo exhibition by https://lightspacetime.art for April, 2019 and December, 2021. At the end of 2019, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery announced their “Year in Review” recap. This annual feature reviews and promotes the gallery’s 12 top winning artists for the 12 individual monthly art exhibitions. In 2019, the gallery received more than 9,703+ entries for their art competitions and Maureen’s art was selected for what the gallery considered to be one of the best 13 entries from their themed exhibitions. Maureen was selected again for a 2-week, solo showcase by https://lightspacetime.art for March, 2020 and January, 2021.

Maureen has also served as a juror for https://trilakesarts.org  in Colorado.

Maureen’s goal is to continually look for new ways to challenge herself and express what she feels. That is what inspires her to never reject possibilities in subject matter.  


Maureen is an emerging talent whose methods and techniques are largely self-taught.  Maureen’s inspiration is derived mostly from her environment.  She explores the work of peers and connects on social media for inspiration, to further explore processing techniques and stay on top of new developments in software and camera technology.  Some of her work is strictly an in-camera capture.  Some of it involves taking the file from the camera and into the computer to develop composites or several interpretations of the same scene.  This helps to keep her eyes open to the many possibilities for how our world can be observed and interpreted.


*  Member of  Nature Photographer's Network

*  Member of  North American Nature Photography Association

*  Member of  https://nationalgeographic.org

*  Member of https://www.nwf.org

Member of https://www.audubon.org


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